Friday, October 30, 2009

Mysterious "Fish rain" near Bhanwad

Mysterious "Fish rain" is not yet over. Before few days it was Bhanwad, and now its Bantiya village of Junagadh district.

Many Forest officials and Naturalist believed that the fishes must have been dropped by pelicans during migration, Jamnagar Fisheries dept. have ruled out the possibility that fish can get sucked in clouds and then fall as rain, they feel it as "absurd". For those who think it is not possible, check out the BBC Article on Fish Rain

Navagam (Bhanwad) villagers said that they saw about half a kilometer long and as much wide fish-laden clouds about 15 feet above the ground. This looks a bit outrageous though.

In Nawagam, fish fall was seen along with roads and markets and on terraces of several buildings.


Three persons were arrested for selling illicit liquor

Three persons were arrested for selling illicit liquor saying it
was branded liquor of defence quota in the city on Thursday


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