Friday, March 17, 2017

INS Valsura celebrates platinum jubilee 'Coast to Coast' car rally

The INS Valsura, the premier training institute for the electric engineers of the Indian Navy India of 1942 when the British Navy set up a Torpedo School at Jamnagar on December 15, 1942 and named it Val Sura from the Tamil words Val (Sword) and Surah (Fish). "The Swordfish was a legendary World War II Torpedo carrying aircraft which was extensively used. History has it that the waters around Jamnagar were home to the swordfish too and hence the name was very apt," an official statement from INS Valsura stated.  "As part of the platinum jubilee celebrations, the Indian Navy is commemorating the event with a unique 'Coast to Coast' Social outreach programme to connect with the children and youth of the country along both coasts. A mega road trip in five cars will cover a distance of 6000 kms touching all major naval establishments and places of Naval Maritime Heritage enroute. The Naval team will interact with local people, war veterans and widows and visit schools and colleges to spread awareness about the Indian Navy," the statement added.


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