Monday, January 4, 2010

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Jamnagar Royal Antiques Stolen

Looters are on the prawl in Jamnagar and this time they stole antiques worth over Rs four crore from Jamnagar Royal Family.

The list also features a very high priced antique cricket bat of Ranjitsinhji Maharaj.

The news broke out when security personnel of the Royal Palace informed police about the robbary. Crime scene investigation reveals that the thieves could be inside the palace since a fortnight.

The booty stolen by unidentified men is worth 4 crores.


Jamnagar Police had confirmed that Ranjitsinh's famous bats are safe. A team of special officers and a DIG level official confirmed the news.

Although the officials confirmed the burglary, but said that the bat and other heirlooms of the Cricket King is safe.

Shashidhar told TOI the burglars did not touch the section where the bats or gemstones were kept. According to him, the burglary happened at least 15 days back. "The burglars removed a huge glass pane and just walked into the palace," he said.

Shashidhar said that the damage was not assessed because the scion of the royal family, Shetrushailyasinh Jadeja, was away in Mumbai.

Police have also found chilly powder, bottles of soft drinks and knives, which shows that burglars may have been living on the terrace of the palace for some time.

Save these historic bats: Gill

Sports minister MS Gill was saddened by the news of burglary in Ranjitsinhji's palace in Jamnagar. Even though it was learnt on Tuesday that the bats and some other valuables are now safe, Gill sounded angry that such priceless bats and other artifacts had been left to rot.

"It is painful to see that such priceless items are not being cared for. They are our nation's treasure and should be in a museum," Gill told TOI.

Gill, who had visited the palace some years ago, said that he had written earlier that the cricket board (BCCI) should look into issue and convince the owner to let them take care of it, or let the Ambanis care for it. Gill said: "I went to the new palace and felt terrible after seeing valuable historic bats, photographs and paintings rotting in empty halls."


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