Friday, April 27, 2012

A fisherman in Gujarat's Jamnagar has virtually turned a crorepati, thanks to 363 ghol fish

A fisherman from Jamnagar has hit jackpot deep sea. He netted rare and precious ghol fish in high seas near Jakhau in Kutch district weighing 10-15 kilogram a piece, is sold in the market at Rs450 to Rs600 per kg. The fish is mostly exported from India.

“Exporters dry this fish and take out the swim bladder. Some swim bladder fetch as much as Rs1 lakh per piece. It is a very rare fish which makes it a rare catch. Not even one per cent of the fishermen are able to find it during the entire season,” says Sunil Gohel, a fish exporter from Porbandar.
What is ghol fish?

Ghol fish is the trade name of a fish in India which is scientifically known as ‘protonibea diacanthus’. It is largely found in the west coast of the Persian Gulf and along the coasts of India and Sri Lanka and some other countries. Apart from food, it is used in wine purification and paramedical purposes.
Swim bladder is the most precious item in the ghol fish as it is used to make thread material used in surgery. Some of its parts are also used for wine purification by premium brands.


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