Sunday, November 1, 2009

India, Oman Joint Air Exercise IAF team returns to India

Exercise Eastern Bridge – the first joint air exercise between Indian Air Force (IAF) and Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) concluded on Thursday, successfully. The exercise was held from Oct 22-29, at RAFO’s Thumrait airbase in Oman.

All six IAF Jaguars that participated in the exercise landed safely at Jamnagar on Thursday. In a rare first, six fighters refueled from a single IL-78 MKI mid-air refueller during their overseas flight. The IL-76 carrying the remaining team members arrived at Gorakhpur via Jamnagar close to midnight on Thursday. The Jaguars also returned to their parent airbase Gorakhpur, today.

When the almighty guards you, no one can harm you

Jaako raakhe Sayeeyan, maar sake na koi' (When the almighty guards you, no one can harm

This proverb came true for a 10-month-old baby boy who was tossed into the air from his mother's lap, but landed into the safety of another woman's lap in a collision between a chhakda and motorcycle on Friday. While the infant survived, his mother was killed in the accident.

According to details of this bizarre incident, Urvashi Nanda (25), her infant son Dhruv and husband Kalpesh Nanda were going to Gordhannagar on a bike when they met with the accident near Samarpan Hospital at 1.30pm on Friday.

"Kalpesh was driving the bike while Urvashi was sitting behind holding Dhruv. Suddenly, a chhakda appeared from the opposite direction and rammed the two-wheeler," said a police official.


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