Friday, January 8, 2010

jamnagar kite flying prohibited during early morning, sunset danger to birds

JAMNAGAR The city is known to be birds paradise, especially in the winter. However, in winter also comes the festival of Uttarayan, which brings along with it, the danger of razor-sharp manjas which pose a danger to these birds.

Jamnagar has become the first city to implement it. There are more than 327 species of birds found in and around Jamnagar, which includes both domestic and migratory birds. There are endangered species also which regularly visit Jamnagar. Furthermore, the city lake, situated in the middle of the city, becomes home to around 98 species of winged visitors during winter. The entire area turns into a bird watcher's paradise.

A bird lover who never misses to take a round of the lake. Another lover and expert on birds Jaypalsingh Jadeja said, "There are 98 species of birds one can spot at Lakhota lake. Wigeons, Mallard, Pin Tail, Gargani, Common Teal, Tefted Pochard, Common Pochard, Gadwa and many other migratory ducks, shovellers which fly in from Europe."

Tartear which is common for us but a rare bird to watch, Black-Necked Stark which is endangered species list and the bird like Great Crested Greebe, which is found round the year are also seen in Khijadiya bird sanctuary on the outskirts of the city. Sometimes they can be spotted on outer areas as well, where even Flamingos and White Pelicans can be spotted.


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