Thursday, October 21, 2010

Traditional Navratri Garbi Celebration 2010

Traditional Navratri Celebration 2010. The raas
garba in Jamnagar has charted a distinct path for itself,
Shri Bharat Mata Adarsh Garbi Mandal's members dressing up as mythological and

Shri Bharatmata Adarsh Garbi Mandal's website for more details Raas Garba Video

Shree Bharatmata adarsh Garbi Mandal was started in the year 1942, in Karachi Named as Patel Yuva Mandal. After Independence in 1947, we migrated to Jamnagar (India), and the garbi mandal was started at various places in the name of Bharatmata adarsh garbi mandal.

Since 1960 Bharatmata adarsh garbi Mandal was started in sardar patel chowk Limda lane Street no 3,. Now this place is also known as Garbi Chowk.

Raas-Garba is associated with Navratri!!


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