Wednesday, November 25, 2009

UK scribe an IB suspect thanks to village informers

Richard Orange, a journalist working on a book on dhows' in Salaya town of Jamnagar district, was in for a shock when intelligence bureau

sleuths visited his house recently. Orange was even more shocked when he came to know what they had come snooping for. The sleuths, on a tip-off from a local, were checking whether he was Richard Headley, David Headley's brother.

Salaya was once known as "smugglers' village". Today it's full of informers'. As one enters the village, one can find men sitting in market corners reading newspapers and discussing latest happenings.

When these villagers saw a European chatting with locals, asking questions about ships, dhows (a country craft), sailing techniques, and most importantly how it is constructed, they became more curious.



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